Scholarship Mountain View

Supporting local youth in their pursuit of higher education


Scholarship Mountain View Challenge 2018  

Thanks to Cecile Currier, Vice President of Corporate and Community Health Services for El Camino Hospital and CEO of CONCERN: EAP, who offered a challenge grant for Scholarship Mountain View for 2017.  They matched donations up to $10,000 and through this challenge we raised more than $55,000 for 2017.  


We are now raising funds for our 2018 Scholarship Mountain View program and our goal is to raise $100,000.

Help us reach our goal and enable students in our Mountain View community to be successful in their pursuit of a college or vocational degree.

Many of our SMV applicants are the first in their families to attend college.  

All of our applicants face the challenges of time management; finding the balance between school, work, sports, social, relaxation and staying healthy, both physically and emotionally.  In other words, they already face the same challenges we face and those challenges will continue in college with added financial pressures.  

Your donation, whatever the amount, will help us impact the lives of Mountain View High School or Junior College students.


Thank you for major contributions from the following donors for our 2017 SMV scholarship program:

Google                        $15,000                     Susan & Neal Mielke   $730

CONCERN:EAP        $10,000                   TeamLogicIT                   $500                              

 LinkedIn                    $10,000                  Bobby Chastain            $500                                                      

Anonymous             $5,000                        Simon Meyer               $500

Terry Allie                $1,000                         Jamie Ward                   $500

Tom Myers               $1,000

Live Nation             $1,000

Recology                  $1,000

and for many individual donors who gave between $25 - $250

Alex Andrade

Benjamin Lindahl

Dan Rich

Diana Bautista

Gregory Boudreau

Gregory Unangst

Jamil Shaikh

Katie Ferrick

Lonnie Gary

Mannie Martinez

Michael Berl

Mike Kasperzak

Paul Saiedi

Shana Nelson

Susan Zweig