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Here is how your donations help Mountain View residents and our Mountain View Community...

Your tax-deductible donations to the Mountain View Chamber of Commerce Education Foundation will go towards the following programs:

Our flagship programs:

  1. Leadership Mountain View:
    • Sponsor a student going through this highly sought after and often copied Leadership education program.  We are committed to Helping Good People Become Great Leaders.  If you want to support and grow the leaders of tomorrow, this is a great place to contribution and will have a significant impact on a student's leadership journey and our community will be better for it 

    • Sponsor a Leadership Mountain View program day: you as an individual or your company can sponsor a program day which will reduce the overall cost of the program and help us to bring more people through the program.  You will be recognized in the program day materials and on our website

  2. Scholarship Mountain View (high school seniors and junior college students)
    • Support higher level education for Mountain View High School seniors

The MVCoC Education Foundation provides several Scholarship Mountain View awards each year, ranging from $3,000 to $5,000, to encourage, recognize and assist Mountain View resident high school seniors or junior college students transferring to a four-year university or pursuing a career program. 

We have a bold goal for 2018 to raise $100,000 before March 15, 2018 in scholarship funds that can be awarded to Mountain View resident high school and junior college students.  We greatly appreciate your generous donations towards this goal.  

To better align the scholarships with the needs of the community, we have broadened the scope to include students who are focusing their academic disciplines on Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts & Design and Math (STEAM) 

Our partner programs

  1. ILoveMV
    • If you love Mountain View and are proud to be a resident of this great city or love working here and want to share the love, then donating to ILoveMV; the City of Mountain View's online visitor's center, will help educate ILoveMV readers in a dynamic and informative way on what to do, where to see and experience unique and interesting sights and activities, where to dine and all the best that Mountain View offers our residents, community and visitors from around the world, which will also help grow and sustain Mountain View's economic success

  2. Mountain View Working Scholars

 Fund a Scholar

  • Capstone Sponsor - $1,100: Support a Scholar in the final leg of the program. The Scholar complete the final capstone course from Thomas Edison University, which is the last requirement before graduation.

  • Degree Completion Sponsor - $3,300: Support a Scholar who is on an accelerated path to the bachelor’s degree due to previously earned college credit. Your Scholar will graduate with a bachelor’s degree in business and certificates in leadership, career skills, and personal brand.

  • Bachelor’s Degree Sponsor - $4,400: Support a Scholar who has no previous college credit through the full bachelor’s degree program. Your Scholar will graduate within four years with a bachelor’s degree in business and certificates in leadership, career skills, and personal brand.

    Note: Individual degree completion costs will vary based on how many college credits were previously earned.

Cost Comparison

One year at a private university* - $49,320

One year at a public university* - $24,610

Full degree through Working Scholars - $4,400

*Average annual price includes all costs associated with college attendance (tuition, fees, housing and meals, books and school supplies, transportation).